Lemmy is a place for people to have thoughtful conversations as well as dumb fun, and having bot comments severely impacts this experience. Therefore, for c/android, we would like to only use the minimum number of bots only as needed by the community.

Here is a list of bots that are allowed (to comment) in this community. Bots aren’t allowed to create posts. If you do not see your bot in this list and it’s not a new one, then that means we consider it to be malicious and don’t want it here.

To have your helpful bot included in this list, please contact our moderators for a review.

The Whitelist

1- AutoMod Beta

(https://lemmy.world/u/automodbeta) This is our moderation bot, in beta. It works by transcripting and linking all of the content into a dedicated matrix chatroom(used as a log). This allows moderators to just take a look at the log to make sure everything is okay, rather than scrolling through posts one by one. It also redirects all reports to a seperate chatroom, which is normally used by our moderators to chat and work together. Moderators can also make the bot send transcripts of comment chains on command, so they can discuss what to do about it together. Credit goes to @[email protected]

2- Community Link Fixer Bot

(https://lemmings.world/u/CommunityLinkFixer) This is the community link fixer bot. It works by fixing the broken links in comment sections. Since most users are just getting started here, we found this bot to be useful and decided to allow it. The credit goes to @[email protected]