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  • [Bug] - if you think you find any bug in Perchance, use this tag.
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  • [Suggestion] - for any suggestions in Perchance
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  • [Fluff] or [Non-Generator] - Non-generator posts but about Perchance
  • [Tutorial] or [Guide] - for any Perchance related tutorials or guides to help others

AI Plugins Posts

We would like to ask to refrain from posting here needing help specifically with prompting/achieving certain results with the AI plugins (text-to-image-plugin and ai-text-plugin) e.g. “What is the good prompt for X?”, “How to achieve X with Y generator?”

There are guides, tutorials, and resources on the internet that can be applied when prompting in the AI tools in Perchance.

We will still be helping/answering questions about the plugins as long as it is related to building generators with them.

Here are some links/posts/guides/answers to questions for the AI Tools on Perchance:

Posting from Mastodon

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Getting Started with Perchance

To get started with Perchance, check out the Perchance Tutorial or the Beginner Tutorial at the Perchance Hub Learn Tab to get to know the website.

Asking for help

Feel free to ask for help but please check out these tips on searching for an answer:

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  • If you didn’t find anything about your problem there, feel free to search through the posts/articles here:
  • If you can’t still find anything related to your problem, feel free to post a thread here.
    • Please title your post effectively.
    • Please provide a link to your generator with your attempts of solving the problem.
    • Try to explain what you want it to do and what example output it should be doing.

Other Community Links

  • ASL4U
    11 month ago

    I came to my generator page yesterday and the preview window was dark grey - text black - I cannot see it well enough to use - and I want to get the preview window back to white background. Any idea how? I do not have dark mode set on anything on my computer - I hate dark mode - this lemmy.world seems to be dark - and I am very uncomfortable here and will go away but this seems to be the only place to ask questions… this dark screen is giving me a head ached and I cant use my generator until I figure out how to get that great color out of my preview window. Does anyone have any ideas how this happened and how I can fix it?

  • @1337Spectra
    19 days ago

    Is there a designated format/tag/page/etc. for submitting generators for the ‘Useful Generators’ page? All that page says is to post on the forum and I haven’t been able to find anything here.

    • VioneTOPM
      19 days ago

      Just post it as a ‘Suggestion’ and specify that it is a submission to the useful generators.

  • @agglifemedia
    11 month ago

    How do I find “My Galleries” created in the AI Photo Generator? I’m using a MS Edge on my PC.

    • VioneTOPM
      21 month ago

      There isn’t really a list of ‘galleries’ currently. So, if you saved an image to a gallery and forgot the name of the gallery, it might be lost until you remember the name of the gallery.

      The only gallery that is ‘publicly’ known or the default is the ‘public’ gallery.

      You can then open the gallery by clicking the ‘open gallery’ and click on the ⚙icon and it will show a prompt. Enter ‘gallery’ and then enter the gallery name to access the images on that gallery like so: