Do you know of any websites that compare the prices and features of “cloud service providers”, in particular VPS (Virtual machine) offers?

So far, I’ve found this :

Comment about vpsbenchmarks.com

vpsbenchmarks.com s what I’m looking for, but I find it incomplete. For instance:

I may not have searched properly, but I haven’t found a page that lets you compare VPS offers with identical features (Shared vCPU, Dedicated vCPU…), between two cloud providers.

Comment about vpscomp.com

I didn’t find Hetzner, OVH… on vpscomp.com.

Comment about serverhunter.com

serverhunter.com is my favorite service.

Problem: I only see the integration of OVH dedicated servers.

I couldn’t find OVH VPS.

Comment about metadedi.net

I understand that metadedi.net is limited to dedicated servers and I’m not sure about the update dates.

Also, the GitLab project indicated on the about page no longer exists.

Comment about cloudoptimizer.io

For example, OVH and Scaleway are missing.

Where do I do my research?

I searched for this type of service on :

My VPS comparaison service of dream

  • OpenSource
  • With an API
  • OpenData available (downloadable in csv, yaml or json format)
  • When available, price fetch from cloud providers’ pricing APIs, otherwise via web scraping
  • Price history view
  • View to compare VPS benchmark results, for example, based on https://github.com/masonr/yet-another-bench-script


Do you know of a service that looks like this? If not, do you think it should exist?

Best regards,

  • @HiddenTower
    83 months ago

    There’s so many providers, and they don’t always make it clear when they change hardware. Amazon AWS feels pretty open about it, they are good. I doubt the resource you are looking for will ever exist. You won’t be able to make a purchase decision with all the info you want.

    Having said that, you did bring a ton of resources together in this post, thank you for that!

  • @BitSound
    33 months ago

    This site is specific to AWS, but you might find it helpful:


    Looks like it got bought out by someone, so might be enshittified, but it’s worked nicely for me in the past.