So i recently received a new node that i was looking to turn into a proxmox host with pfsense on it (lets call it node B) I created a new cluster on another proxmox node (node A) and added node B i was setting up pfsense on node B, IPs everywhere got a bit messed up, and neither node could talk to the other, i tried exiting the cluster to reenter but i messed it up worse, so i reinstalled that node and went ahead with a fresh pfsense setup after a couple days of working on and off on it, i finally got it working well enough that i went to setup vlans for my node A (the master node of the cluster, that used to have node B which doesnt exist anymore), i couldnt get any video output, which was weird, nothing seemed to work, so i forced reboot (yup i suck) now when it boots up, its stuck on “initializing ram disks…”, and i can’t see any other method than reinstalling but i was still hoping for being able to fix it or at least recover /etc/pve i have all the vms backed up but i just dont want to go reconfiguring from scratch

what i suspect is either:

  • the cluster having a no longer existing node throws some error (that i dont know where to get)
  • the reboot was a bad idea, though that doesn’t explain why it was frozen in the first place (knowing i didnt touch it for a few days)
  • i have a few backups to a separate nas which was inaccessible during these days, maybe it was stuck someway

Ive tried the following a few guides online but they all seem to assume i somehow have access to the command line, which is not the case, but i was wondering if there’s still someway i can get in, some sort of recovery/safe mode?

some of my theories are batshit crazy but im just trying to give you a few pointers

ive ran memory and disk checks on the uefi let me know if there any more info that could help investigate this further

  • @SheeEttin
    12 months ago

    Proxmox is just Debian under the hood. You can boot into rescue mode.