• partial_accumen
    1911 days ago

    Cop: “Do you know how fast you were going?”

    Doc: “Of course! Eighty-five miles per hour. If you’d let me get to eighty-eight, you would have seen some serious shit!”

    the cop fires his gun shooting doc in the chest BANG! BANG!

    Cop: “You were threatening me!”

    20 minutes later Cop2 arrives

    Cop2: “Did you find anything in the deceased perp?”

    Cop: “I did! Its crazy! He had this letter on him predicting this entire chain of events. I looks like it was written in 1955!”

    Cop2: “Huh, crazy. Well, where did you put his body?”

    Cop: “What?! I swear he was right over there! He’s gone now! I put two right in his chest! Could he have been wearing body armor?”

  • @LavaPlanet
    511 days ago

    I used to play that game! Simpler times! I called it doppelganger, and I would just shout random celebrities names, as if I was seeing the real celebrity, but it was just someone who looks slightly like them. I would have loved to get selfies with these dopples and just pretend I thought they were the real thing to other people, even when they looked almost nothing like them. Until it was so obvious I was taking the piss, there was no fooling anyone any more. Then I would keep doing it just to be annoying! It would never lose flavour.