• @Chocrates
    -72 months ago

    I don’t use an ad blocker. What sites do you visit that you need one?

    At work when I am googling for help some of the sites are obnoxious but not too bad.

    • I Cast Fist
      22 months ago

      What sites do you visit that you need one?

      A good portion of the news sites I read. If I divide the total area that goes for text and ads, it’s around 35-65. Then there’s taboola ads that show at the bottom, before the related articles. uBlock also stops the majority of stupid “WAIT, SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER” modal that shows up as soon as the mouse exits the window

      Any shopping sites is chock full of trackers and external ads, too. Lemme browse shit in peace.

    • @[email protected]
      -12 months ago

      You’re getting down votes, which is just silly.

      Back in the day, a man wasn’t really a man unless he changed his own oil and tuned up the car himself. That mentality has reemerged in the 21st century.

      • @Soggy
        92 months ago

        I don’t think it should be tied to “manliness” but people should have some basic understanding of the tools they use and how they work.

        • @[email protected]
          2 months ago


          There’s a clear concerted corporate effort to push this idea that everything one uses every day is

          • some kind of black box appliance devised by sacred holy wizards, you couldn’t possibly hope to understand.
          • You ought to just trust them. They want what’s best for you.
          • And don’t worry if anything goes wrong! There’s some service, product, or replacement ready to be sold to you by “qualified professionals.” Convenient!
          • Remember, you’re too stupid to understand how any of this works. Don’t touch it.

          Doesn’t matter. Light switches to email to cars. Nobody knows how it works even on an ELI5 level.

          I can’t be an expert in all things but how are people comfortable with this level of ignorant dependence? Even to the point of defending it? “I shouldn’t have to know how my car/computer/whatever works.” I’ve literally heard this.

          Boggles the mind.

          People are capable of a great many skills and holding a lot of knowledge about a great many things…and yet a majority are taught not to learn anything after school, maybe know how to do a job, and otherwise can’t handle any task that doesn’t involve a credit card payment.

          Things could be so much better…