I’ve been interested in self-hosting for a while, but didn’t really know where to start. I’ve never messed with Linux before and wanted to jump ship from Windows since Microsoft decided to start putting ads everywhere. I came across this post [https://lemmy.world/post/6542543] which was exactly what I was looking for to start, and seemed like a straight-forward guide. I have two laptops, one I want to act as my media server with Docker and the other as my everyday device. Except I’ve been met with setback after setback from the start. I tried installing Ubuntu Server on the media server laptop but just could not get it up and running. I was suggested to try using a more beginner-friendly distro, so I went with Mint. I also liked the idea of a GUI I can mess around with.

Docker was a success, but then I got to the Adguard part and when I try the docker-compose.yml step, grub just hangs. Decided to skip that part and go onto Jackett. Nope, more errors. Tried Prowlarr, different errors.

I don’t want to give up on this because its something I really want to get going for my media, home automation, cameras, etc etc. But I feel like I’m flying blind here.

I have a lot of homework to do to learn Linux, but is there a different, beginner-friendly guide out there for me to follow for now?


Edit: I appreciate everyone’s comments. Although I have no Linux experience, I know my way around Windows pretty well. I understand file systems and in one of my errors that was asked, I was getting a “No File or Directory exists” error. I edited the username to fit my what I have, but was still getting the error. I even created a new user named Prowlarr when attempting the Powlarr install to follow the steps word-for-word, no luck. It got frustrating so I gave up for the day.

I admit I do have a lot of learning to do, and I am really grateful some of you have provided start-points for my Linux journey. I’m also grateful for the “Self-hosting For Dummies” recommendations, like Yunohost and YAMS. I plan on looking over all of this info today to get a solution up for now and start my path down the Linux rabbithole. Its kinda exciting to start embarking on something like this.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who gave me great feedback!

  • @Humorless4483
    42 months ago

    As a beginner myself I would recommend you installing portainer (a gui for docker) and if you need compose files I have them for all of my services on my GitHub.