• @mojofrododojo
    361 month ago

    perhaps, but it will be indecipherable due to the 42gb of advertisements and pop-ups it loads.

      • @Soggy
        231 month ago

        It’s not already?

        • Voytrekk
          61 month ago

          Or maybe websites can go back to simple ads that just have a picture with a link. Modern advertising is about harvesting your data, which is why I use an ad blocker. They also use a ton of resources that slow down websites.

          • @[email protected]
            11 month ago

            We can’t close pandora’s box. Google ads are extremely profitable, nothing else comes close. I work for a company that uses ads as the main revenue source. We tried to avoid Google but it just makes no business sense. We’re talking 10 times the revenue compared to other major players. Google not only pays better, but the ads are just better.

            I’m very pessimistic. I’m pretty sure we’re heading in the direction where most websites will be DRM’d and impossible to block ads.