• @anon_8675309
    -121 month ago

    Pretty much all media are in on the great American scam to take this country away from us. But, they’ll be among the first to burn so I don’t get what their end game is.

    • @[email protected]
      61 month ago

      The irony is that the right is accelerating the demise of democracy by promoting the very hatred and bigotry the media and powers that be (Russia/China) want. It’s all just distraction away from the continued separation of wealth. But Republicans can’t seem to understand this.

    • @TotallynotJessica
      1 month ago

      It’s not that the entire mainstream media is in on it, only the billionaires that own it. The editors and journalists go against their best interests because they have no one else who will pay them. The liberal press isn’t profitable, so the billionaires are trying to make them accomplices in their own destruction.