• @MacedWindow
    1 month ago

    For myself and many people Skyrim is the best game they’ve ever played. It was the first fantasy game I played since Runescape to have multiple cities spread out through an open world, with long narrative multi stage quests involving a number of locations and NPCs. Both games also have a leveling sytem based around you get better at what you use ie “skilling”.

    I want “TES 6” in that I want another game that hits those marks, but I no longer trust Bethesda to make it.

    Edit: note I know a lot of people dislike skyrim and think calling it a great game is absurd, and I get the criticism but I love the game anyway

    • @[email protected]
      41 month ago

      To me that was oblivion, when I got skyrim I just felt burnt out because it felt so similar but at the same time missing some of the stuff I liked like the custom spells etc, then fallout 4 came out and I sort of shelved it but once I got into it I spent soo many hours on it. Maybe it’s like cod now where if you skip a few years it’s fun again but not every single game because they just aren’t that different

      • @Passerby6497
        21 month ago

        I had a similar feeling after Morrowind playing Oblivion. Morrowind is the one game I wish they’d remake/fan mood to he playable on modern systems.

        So much nostalgia…