• @betterdeadthanreddit
      1410 months ago

      It’s not overly long or complicated but here’s a summary:

      Original: Codeberg Kbin/kbin-core, Issue #196

      OP: Hey Kbin dev, you’re using my code without attribution.

      [Comments from other users]

      Kbin dev: Oops, my bad. Here are a couple ways I can fix it. What would you prefer?

      OP: Attribution.

      [Additional comments about license stuff and the nature of open source software]

      Kbin dev: Working on it.

      OP: [Details of suggested fix].


      Issue closed.

        • LinkOpensChest.wav
          610 months ago

          I saw the post they’re referencing, and it was a lot more heated than they’re making it out to be. It was ultimately resolved, but it would definitely qualify as drama imo

    • @Anonymousllama
      710 months ago

      I was part of that discussion. There was an ongoing attribution issue where a person claimed their open source project wasn’t being attributed correctly (where it looks like kbin is forked from another older project)

      With the Reddit migration and a range of other issues, old mate who manages kbin didn’t get around to fixing the attribution (choosing to focus on getting the server stable and fixing actual issues)

      It got brough up again last week in a not so flattering post and within a day or two it was resolved (putting to bed the idea that old mate is actually out to steal people’s code)

      Not a great situation overall but it’s great it’s been resolved 🦙🦙🦙