• @betterdeadthanreddit
    149 months ago

    It’s not overly long or complicated but here’s a summary:

    Original: Codeberg Kbin/kbin-core, Issue #196

    OP: Hey Kbin dev, you’re using my code without attribution.

    [Comments from other users]

    Kbin dev: Oops, my bad. Here are a couple ways I can fix it. What would you prefer?

    OP: Attribution.

    [Additional comments about license stuff and the nature of open source software]

    Kbin dev: Working on it.

    OP: [Details of suggested fix].


    Issue closed.

      • LinkOpensChest.wav
        69 months ago

        I saw the post they’re referencing, and it was a lot more heated than they’re making it out to be. It was ultimately resolved, but it would definitely qualify as drama imo