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Every hobbyist forum needs their own guides and resources, and we are no different. I think it’s finally time for us to all pitch in and make an Android buying guide that’s 100% Lemmy over the next couple of weeks, since buying recommendations are commonly requested here, and it’s also a way for us to get more friends to talk Android with.

So, over the next couple of weeks, we are going make our own guide piece by piece: Low-end, Midrange, High-end, and Android Accessories.

We are going to use the following price range definition in terms of USD, use this as a general guideline for price range estimates in your local currency, (Probably not a direct conversion, since purchasing powers are different in different countries.)

  • Low-end: 0-300 USD
  • Midrange: 300-700 USD
  • High End: 700+ USD

Rules are simple:

  1. For all top-level comments, you should include the model and brand of the phone, your own recommended price range (i.e. This phone would be a good deal at 200 dollars, OK at 250, but a terrible deal at 300.), and anything else you would like to add to justify your recommendations.

  2. No direct links to products. Prices changes too much, and having affiliate links opens up another can of worms about how sincere our recommendation intentions are.

And we are going to start with the hardest price range to recommend first: Midrange.

Have fun.

  • @sheogorath
    9 months ago

    Yeah, Samsung phones availability globally has been great in my experience. The only pain point is they didn’t have a global warranty.

    There’s a little bit of reasoning behind this, Samsung has set up a little bit of regional pricing for their phones. As an example I recently bought the Fold5 1TB for USD 1773. And that price is after taxes. Before tax it’s around USD 1600.

    So I basically got a USD 560 price difference for the phone.

    • HidingCat
      39 months ago

      Yea, same. The Fold 5 in my region has started dropping in price and the base 256 GB is almost at US1k. That’s basically a tablet and a phone together. I expect more price drops by the end of the year.