The table is quite big (190+ lines of hand-written HTML) and it doesn’t fit on mobile phone screens unless you zoom out. It should be fine on desktop. It also specifies the criteria followed and has analysis of some of the IMs in the table (not close to all of them, I hope to add more analysis in the future).

Counter-arguments are always welcome. Sources and additional information too. Note that the typical privacy recommendation (Signal) is not recommended here. It does not meet our criteria, being centralized and requiring a phone number. I don’t want to hate on Signal since it’s doing a decent job spreading the importance of E2EE, however we can not recommend it for the given reasons.

  • poVoq
    5 months ago

    The latest specifications for OMEMO (XMPP) do some meta-data protection similar to Signal, but admittably few clients (Moxxy & Kaidan) support it so far and roll-out has been very slow.

    I would suggest to change it to “bad” and write “work in progress” or so.

    • @sir_reginaldOP
      35 months ago

      oh I didn’t know what changes OMEMO 2 introduced. Thanks, I’ll add a note.