All these (ad)ons always take priority over performance.

  • @[email protected]
    2010 months ago

    Yeah. Apple basically has a captive market. Not to the extent of WeChat, but more than other western players.

    The fact that Apple makes their money (mostly) on hardware sales, subscriptions, and their big-ass cut of App Store sales, instead of advertising like Google and Facebook, is why they are not likely to pull this crap in the near future. They don’t need to.

    The online advertising ship is sinking, and Facebook is a rat desperately trying to find a way off.

    • @Eldritch
      710 months ago

      Capitalists/fascists don’t need to do the things they do. They do them still. We don’t need yearly growth in markets or profits. Line doesn’t need to go up. And if you express those facts as an officer of a publicly traded company. You will be quickly unemployed.

      If apple sees those possible profits out there, just within reach. They will 100% go for it. Whether or not they need to.