I should really do something about the schedule slip. Last week has been pretty exciting.

Can’t promise that it won’t happen again, but I’ll try to keep on schedule.

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Now we get to the fun part, the 700 USD+ range of phones. Go wild with your recommendations, showcase the excellence in the top end Android ecosystem and your favorite features that people don’t know about.

This guide is only made possible by your voluntary contribution. I believe that this guide is wonderful for a reason: we made it together, not for money, not for ad clicks, but because you wanted to help other people, and it is that selfless contribution that make this place great.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for contributing to making Lemmy a better place. So, now if people in your life ever ask you about what phones to buy, well, send them here, and maybe they’ll like this place and stay around to chat a bit.

Who knows.

Let’s hope for the best.

  • @Nadalofsoccer
    68 months ago

    I just bought a 23 ultra and am here to bias myself into how good a purchase it was so that I don’t feel bad for spending 1000 euros in a 512/12. I know it’s an ok deal but it’s also a lot of money. Lol.

    Seriously Ive been always a note person and am used to the spen. Battery is a non issue now and the pics are awesome.

    I was at the apple garden like 10 years back and still miss some things but I love the feeling of freedom of just plugging my phone to the computer and being able to start transferring files or doing stuff to the phone.

    • Margot RobbieOPM
      38 months ago

      Any feature that stands out to you?