PlayStation Portal is out but trying to find one is about as arduous as trying to buy a PS5 in late 2020.

  • @Potatos_are_not_friends
    165 months ago

    Honestly I would have said me a few years ago.

    The PSP was a AMAZING system. Not because of the games. But because it was such a great system for emulation.

    But this is a post Steam Deck world.

    • @RGB3x3
      95 months ago

      But this doesn’t even do what a PSP does. It doesn’t play games natively, it just streams from your PS5 that you already have to own.

      It’s essentially the Wii U.

      • @FooBarrington
        55 months ago

        The WiiU was it’s own console that actually had interesting integrations with the tablet. The Portal can’t do anything like that since there is no second screen.

        It’s more like a portable Steam Link.