• Mossy Feathers
    245 months ago

    Jarate and heavy x medic were after release too afaik.

    Heavy x medic was kinda obvious, but iirc valve didn’t start dropping stronger hints until the past few years. Dunno if they’ve straight-up confirmed it yet or not; it’s also been a while since I last played.

    Jarate was part of the sniper update, which I thought came after release (because iirc there weren’t any alternate items in the original release).

      • @[email protected]
        35 months ago

        99% sure Jarate was in the first big alt weapon patch, because it’s the last patch I enjoyed playing lol. Bow, Sandvich, Bonk, etc. came out at the same time.

    • CashewNut 🏴󠁢󠁥󠁧󠁿
      25 months ago

      Heavy x medic was kinda obvious

      Outside of the game, maybe? I’ve played a ton of TF2 but never got involved in the outside memeing or story. In-game there’s nothing obvious about any of them except Soldier sounds thick-as-pig-shit and Demo-man being black.