• icedterminal
    36 months ago

    there is also a way to remove Edge on Windows by manually running the uninstaller from the terminal with some options

    Well to this statement, no. Microsoft disabled that method with the release of 22H2. Attempting to do so now does nothing. I was aware of this and it was shared on Reddit and other forums all the time until it stopped working. In fact, just six months ago people were sharing it on Reddit and realized it wasn’t working. https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/140d0y2/how_do_i_uninstall_microsoft_edge/

    I do agree with the sentiment. It should be easy to uninstall these apps.

    • Octopus
      16 months ago

      Manually removing the files is still an option 😈

      I don’t understand why they won’t allow it even with the command line. People who hate Edge and want to uninstall it to free up disk space should be able to. They will never use it anyway (max accidentally).