• @[email protected]
    56 months ago

    The new staff are not necessary “ignorant”. There’s a limited amount of work you can do in one day/week/month.

    • @dragontamer
      6 months ago

      I’m sure they’re smart, but its well recognized that they’re ignorant.

      Ex: there were large scale complaints about being the last person remaining from a team of ~20 and being forced to take care of the servers anyway. They were certainly fine when they were part of a team of 20, but when 19/20 people leave, whoever is left over is best described as “ignorant”.

      I’m sure they’re doing the best that they can, but there’s no way one person can know everything that the 19-other-people knew. They are literally incapable of learning all the server details from here on out, because the other 19 people have left the company and are likely not returning phone calls (aka: happily employed elsewhere by now).

      I’m not using ignorant as an “insult”, but as a fact of life. When 80% of staff leaves in a month, there’s no way the remaining 20% of that staff can pickup all the pieces. Knowledge will be lost. Hell, in IT, knowledge is lost even under the best of circumstances. People get called in for projects they did 5 to 10 years ago for advice on a regular basis (documentation is nice, but there’s no replacement to just having the programmer who designed the system on speed-dial, somewhere in the firm… to call them when something bad happens). You lose that when 80% of staff is fired and/or quits, doubly-so when they do so before writing all the documents that their replacements will need.