• @Fondots
    55 months ago

    You know years ago I heard a recruitment ad for the CIA on the radio, and that caught me a little off guard, I always kind of assumed the CIA personally reached out to specific candidates and hired through shady back channels and such and didn’t really do open recruitment.

    I guess it makes sense though, for every James Bond type super spy there’s probably a hundred different random office staff, IT guys, clerks, mailroom guys, secretaries, janitors, accountants, etc. who handle boring day-to-day operational stuff and rarely or never get to see any of the crazy spy craft stuff happening.

    And I guess once you land one of those jobs, maybe you can get your foot in the door for eventual promotion to International Man of Mystery.

    • Tefinite Dev
      35 months ago

      The CIA has an internship program for college grads

      • @aidan
        25 months ago

        I looked into it, and honestly compared to most private sector internships it seemed terrible, one of the alphabet agency internships I looked at was unpaid maybe all of them. And it was the most stereotypical intern stuff. Organizing files and the like.

    • @Agent641
      15 months ago

      At my university my whole class was invited to a seminar about how and why to join the Australian secret intelligence service as an intel officer.