Bill Gates says a 3-day work week where ‘machines can make all the food and stuff’ isn’t a bad idea::“A society where you only have to work three days a week, that’s probably OK,” Bill Gates said.

  • @kautau
    177 months ago

    While true, UBI would have to be funded by corporate tax.

    “We no longer need people to be able to sell and deliver our products”

    ^ Win for the corporations

    “Virtually no (low-income) property is unoccupied now. And my middle class tenants are making more from UBI, so I raised rent”

    ^ Win for landlords (which are mostly corporations)

    “We can now demographically target ads to UBI payouts to get people to spend their money”

    ^ Win for corporations

    It continues, but the general idea is that, while the populace could benefit from UBI, if it just comes from their taxes it’s not going to shrink class division in any way, but increase it

    • Derin
      127 months ago

      Yes, funding UBI with raised corporate taxes is absolutely not optional, I agree completely.

      At the end of the day, simplified, UBI means: massive cuts to the workforce, in lieu of technology that can perform the exact same tasks more efficiently, for less; all the while paying people money at the same or similar levels of what they earned before.

      It would be insane to assume the former would just grow wealthier over night while the latter is relegated to being financed by - in this example - wishful thinking. The money’s gotta come from somewhere, and it makes sense it be the same place it’s (supposed to be) coming from now.