Starting up a new monthly post where I look at the communities in the instance to see how well all of them are doing

From this we should be able to see what communities are struggling so that they can be focused on for adding activity across the instance

My goal for december will be increasing the amount of communities that appear in the active and moderate sections and will compare to see the activity change then

For community activity levels im breaking this into 5 categories (note these stats are based on the new users/month stats in the instance)

  • Lively- 5k users/month or above
  • Active - 201-4999 users/month
  • Moderate - 51-200 users/month
  • Quiet - 11-50 users/month
  • Dead - 0-10

Communities in each category

  • Lively communities: 2 (1%)
  • Active communities: 11 (6%)
  • Moderate communities: 27 (15%)
  • Quiet communities: 45 (25%)
  • Dead communities: 92 (52%)

Most active communities

Least active communities

(These are ones that will be prioritized for making active) (theres a lot in the dead category so these are random ones from that, not all of them)

One other community that should be interesting to see the growth is the advent of code community as that is about to start

[email protected]

currently at 136 but I assume thats going to grow much larger

  • @[email protected]
    17 months ago

    unknowingly thrown into a conflict on the side with little leverage

    It will be hilarious if the LW mods start to believe that they have any “leverage” because they have 12k MAU and that they can start to arbitrarily federate or block instances. Hilarious, I say…

    • @[email protected]
      17 months ago

      It seems like you’re taking this statement very personally. It was meant to describe the circumstances from a detached perspective (mine). The value of an account on is much more heavily influenced by than the other way around currently.

      You really should try to talk to them, it would help both instances and the experience of users on lemmy instances in general if you could bridge the rift that currently exists.