It’s happening.

  • harc
    7 months ago

    Knew about it but first time I bothered to read it and there is a bit more than just that, but hard to tell if there’s any strong commitment. Have to wait and see I guess. Thanks for that link.

    • @ilinamorato
      27 months ago

      Yeah, I hope so too. I mean, it’s hard to make any commitments without knowing what the needs would be; the need can be anything on a spectrum from “just money” to “more maintainers,” to “new products” or “bigger ecosystem,” all the way up to “help with governance” or “a forked codebase.” It could also be anything in between or any combination. Committing your whole organization to it before you know what the commitment is feels unwise, so I get it. But I agree, I want them to say more and do more soon.