Buffy Fish Owl has overcome some big obstacles to get here. It made a name for itself against Long Eared Owl. It managed to defeat the top ranked Barn Owl in a huge upset victory. Then it was able to get a victory over the popular Little Owl. Now it’s up against a living legend in the semi-finals. Does Buffy have what it takes to be the new King or Queen of Owls?

Snowy Owl needs no introduction. You’ve seen it everywhere. It easily defeated newcomer Black and White Owl, then the loveable devil Short Eared Owl, and just now, it stopped Flammulated Owl in its rise to owl notoriety. Snowy Owl has made it look almost too easy.

Will this perennial icon hold on to the crowd today, or will Buffy’s unsuspecting charms win the day? Vote now!

  • @OrteilGenou
    46 months ago

    Snowy Owl sounds loveable but the French name is Harfang of the Snows which sounds badass

    • anon6789OP
      36 months ago

      Harfang means “hare catcher.”. That is a cool name!