• clif
    4 months ago

    :: laughs in shabby, bearded, cave dwelling developer ::

    I’m sure it might help for cold contacts (HR first look?) and things like that, especially without a strong background/CV. But in my limited experience nobody cares if you’re good and good to work with.

    I say “limited experience” because I’ve stayed at my last few jobs between 5 and 17 years each. So I’ve not really been switching that often and therefore usually not actively seeking new positions.

    • candyman337
      64 months ago

      New devs today definitely have to care more about LinkedIn than older devs, most older devs can hop from job to job with referrals from dev friends or something similar. The tech boom and venture capitalist funding of the tech industry is starting to die out, which is making jobs in this industry a lot harder to find. So having something like an incredibly polished LinkedIn and resume can be the thing that make you stand out in the crowd of new devs.

      Once you’re established you definitely need LinkedIn less. With the job I have now, I have a few friends who could give me referrals and put in a good word for me, but that was not the case at my old job. And before this job I was a junior Dev so my experience wasn’t that impressive.

    • @[email protected]
      14 months ago

      When I was in my mid twenties I would show up for an interview in a suit with a fresh haircut and a shave. I’d have a copy of my resume and a personalized cover letter.

      Now that I’m in my mid thirties I show up to an interview wearing a T-shirt, with scruffy hair and a poorly managed beard-disaster, closed-toed shoes optional. Then I’m like “Be honest, will I hate working here?”