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Mid 2022, a friend of mine helped me set up a selfhosted Vaultwarden instance. Since then, my “infrastructure” has not stopped growing, and I’ve been learning each and every day about how services work, how they communicate and how I can move data from one place to another. It’s truly incredible, and my favorite hobby by a long shot.

Here’s a map of what I’ve built so far. Right now, I’m mostly done, but surely time will bring more ideas. I’ve also left out a bunch of “technically revelant” connections like DNS resolution through the AdGuard instance, firewalls and CrowdSec on the main VPS.

Looking at the setups that others have posted, I don’t think this is super incredible - but if you have input or questions about the setup, I’ll do my best to explain it all. None of my peers really understand what it takes to construct something like this, so I am in need of people who understand my excitement and proudness :)

Edit: the image was compressed a bit too much, so here’s the full res image for the curious: https://files.catbox.moe/iyq5vx.png And a dark version for the night owls: https://files.catbox.moe/hy713z.png

  • @thantik
    4 months ago

    Honestly, I installed Ombi, so friends can request movies - and gave them all jellyfin logins as well. I’m not running any kind of pay-for service, I’m just giving them access to my library. Additionally, my kids will sometimes spend the night at friends, etc - and their friend won’t have an anime, or a crunchyroll subscription, so they’ll pull it up on jellyfin. It’s easy to remember for them because it’s just jellyfin.mydomain.com

    They don’t know anything about how the backend gets the movies/tv shows, just that they go to ombi, and it shows up on jellyfin if they want something ;)

    • @[email protected]OP
      14 months ago

      Gosh, that’s cute. Probably how I’ll end up too. Right now I’m not ready to let friends use my services. I already have friends and family on adguard and vaultwarden, that’s enough responsibility for now.