• @TwoBeeSan
    3 months ago


    Maintain digital signage at my work.

    They’re boring, just working off a usb. Not connected to any network.

    Although there is less that can go wrong. Worst you’ll see is a tv Screensaver instead of this funny stuff.

    Most displays or kiosks I’ve come into contact with have a shortcut to an admin menu that isn’t even locked behind a code. Most of the time it’s tapping a corner OR the logo x amount of times.

    • @[email protected]
      213 months ago

      Most of the time it’s tapping a corner of the logo x amount of times.

      I’m too lazy to fact-check this, I will however from now on repeatedly touch the corners of every single touchscreen kiosk I encounter for the rest of my life.

      • wrath_of_grunge
        163 months ago

        most of the old coke machines use the code 4 2 3 1. these buttons are from the top selection button to the fourth. one will be a back button, another will be the accept button, and the other two will be your up and down buttons.

        even if most of the machines are locked out, you’ll usually be able to see a few stats on the machine. kind of fun to mess with.

    • @someacnt_
      83 months ago

      Lmao, ad panel of my apartment has this loophole - it’s windows as well. Maybe it is like that because no one living here would seriously take it down.