Apple’s next generation CarPlay allows auto manufacturers to license the OS | Don’t look now but Apple is back to licensing an operating system after decades::undefined

  • @TheGrandNagus
    2 months ago

    My edits changed a few spellings/grammar. Where there was an addition, I used an “E:” tag.

    No, you completely misunderstood my comments then said I don’t understand.

    It’s you who isn’t understanding. Trying to pull an umm ackshully☝️🤓 only to get it wrong.

    My comments were very clear.

    And I’m a full stack web developer who does bits on the side for various Linux-related projects. Yeah, I know what an API is.

    Go feign intelligence to somebody else, I can’t be bothered with this useless, unrelated chatter. It’s not what I made my comment for.

    • @SpaceNoodle
      22 months ago

      full stack

      web developer

      Pick one

      But really, I actually work on automotive firmware and you’re entirely correct.