• @captainlezbian
    32 months ago

    The uncomfortable answer here is that they’ll likely try to force y’all into exclusively hetero relationships through overwhelming force on those of us who are unwilling to do that. And yeah they’ll definitely come for swingers and such but it’ll be like enforcement of marijuana laws under bush.

    • @werefreeatlast
      12 months ago

      It was more of a rhetorical question. We’re going to have to secretly love people that we can’t love out in the open. And by love I mean love and or sexually pleasuring. I hope Trump goes away on his own. Maybe in a dream where Stormy is choking him but in reality it’s a peanut that he didn’t chew. Or heart attack right during a flight somewhere on a Boeing, but I mean while outside of the plane. Boeing makes it hard to stay inside the plane at all times for certain seats.