• @ItsMeSpez
    23 months ago

    From: protondb.com

    GTA V - Gold; seems to be playable for most people, with a few performance hiccups depending on your system.

    Forza Horizon 5 - Silver; requires significant tinkering, but playable.

    Doom Eternal - Gold; works well for most, but has some reported performance issues on some systems.

    Horizon Zero Dawn - Gold

    Cocoon - Platinum

    Single player experiences like these aren’t typically where you find problems with linux gaming, however. Games with accompanying anti-cheat software, like competitive shooters, fighters, etc. are typically problematic. Competitive titles are the only reason I have a windows partition at this point.

    Gaming on linux is more viable than ever, and becoming more and more stable all the time - mostly thanks to Valve. That being said, your experience will be dependent largely on your hardware. There are known issues with Nvidia cards on linux, because Nvidia refuses to cooperate with the FOSS community, but even those issues seem to be easing up (although to be fair I don’t follow this topic closely, as I have an AMD system). Anyone telling you there are no issues is lying to you, but so is anyone who tries to tell you that linux gaming is still borked. Do your research if you’re interested in switching, and determine if the games you play are well supported or not. In the end if there is one game holding you back from switching and you want to switch, it’s always an option to keep a windows partition around as a backup for games that don’t play nice with linux.