Per the pricing plan, all licenses are forever licenses, but the lowest two tiers only offer 1 year of updates.

After that you can choose to renew, or continue with your current version.

If you do not like subscriptions, there still a lifetime plan, but at a higher pricepoint.

All existing plans are grandfathered in.

Full announcement form Lime:

Note: I have mixed emotions about this, but I’m seeing a lot of rage bait, and if we’re going to rage we might as well have our facts straight.

If you haven’t subbed already and are interested, check out the unraid community at [email protected]. We are already discussing it over there too.

  • @thantik
    13 months ago

    Hardware acceleration was as simple as choosing NVENC and saving for me. What are you guys doing wrong?

    • JustEnoughDucks
      23 months ago

      Intel Arc GPU. Had to enable a few modules, reboot, debug, follow the jellyfin docs for writing to some configs, reboot, didn’t work. Follow the error messages which are pretty much useless, get pointed to stuff that isn’t relevant. Finally someone on a forum had a good reply where they told me I have to download the entire linux proprietary firmware directory, extract the i915 folder from it, and plop it in my firmware folder and reboot. Then everything loaded and hwacceleration worked.