When I was traveling the world I always learned about new food, then when back home I’d try to recreate it and invite friends and family who have no possibility to travel to taste it.

Now I haven’t had the possibility to travel to new places for the last couple of years, but I wonder if you guys have some tips what I could try to make. Something not too complicated but to some extend exotic.

My tip would be the the Sabich which I tried in Jerusalem in 2019. A flatbread with eggplant, egg, other vegetables and sauces. Sweet and savory.

  • @[email protected]
    94 months ago

    Of you like meat and can get the correct chiles, you should make birria, specifically tacos. You can use mozzarella if you can’t find any Mexican cheese.

    • @spittingimage
      4 months ago

      Every now and then I watch a Mexican cooking vid on Youtube and mournfully turn it off when they get to the chiles. In my country you can buy any chile you want, as long as it’s cayenne. For anything else, go to a speciality store and pay by the gram.

        • @spittingimage
          14 months ago

          My wife’s a keen gardener and she puts a chile plant in for me every year. Right now I have a tiny crop of jalapenos I’m hoarding.