I strongly suspect that I have ADHD, but I can’t see the benifit of getting diagnosed.

I know that if I get diagnosed and offically have ADHD I can get some medicine but I don’t think I want that in any case.

Can you share your experience and what benifit you got from getting offically diagnosed?

  • @[email protected]
    104 months ago

    Everyone’s journey is different - just to preface this - for me medication doesn’t “solve” ADHD but it lets me climb out of obsessive spirals and indecisive slumps. I suggest that anyone with ADHD at least try medication… it doesn’t make you weak or anything, it’s an aide to allow some of us to function more like other people.

    Depending on your country and stage in life a diagnosis may also make you eligible disability aide or accommodations. In most western countries (I’m not certain about the US) you can also request reasonable accommodations from your employer with a formal diagnosis without risking your job status.

    Lastly, I simply think it’s helpful to understand yourself.