• @AllonzeeLV
    3 months ago

    “pro life”

    Republicans only want the people who can’t afford children to give birth, preferably against their will, makes better desperate wage slaves with no other choice in the world save suicide. It’s no fun to let these IVF people conceive when they actually want the kid!

    Where’s the cruelty and schadenfreude in that?

    • @[email protected]
      103 months ago

      If someone has the financial means to assert themselves or their rights, then they are obstacles to the oligarchies goal of enshrining their wealth and having the government, that we pay for - they don’t pay taxes, protect their wealth for them, from us. Why else usurp regulatory control?

      We pay for our own oppression then. This is, no hyperbole, the face of Slavery, Inc. and the 100% guarenteed, as immoral as inevitable, end of corporatocracy (late stage capitalism). Correcting course won’t be easy, how to won’t be shared thru media, and the doing so absolutely will not be legal. But what choice are we left with? Live on your knees or die on your feet?