yeap, uplifting. Again.

  • @glimse
    14 months ago

    I’m not gonna bother quoting you because it’s pretty easy to follow. You were going on about how society deemed her mother a criminal which sure sounds like you’re assuming what she did wasn’t worthy of getting sent to jail and I’m asking…why are we talking about the mother? The story is about the daughter.

    The hoops you’re jumping through is going from a story about a girl overcoming obstacles to talking about how being in jail is bad. It simply does not matter for this story. We’re not talking about the morals of incarceration.

    Are you incapable of being happy about something because something else is bad? If I told you I found a $20 on the ground, would you remind me that capitalism is destroying the world? Such a downer.

    • @[email protected]
      13 months ago

      I want you to pay attention to the community this is under. “Aboringdystopia”.

      Dystopia involves society wide problems. The problems with incarceration are why it was posted here.

      You claimed it wasn’t dystopic, but apparently you don’t want to talk about any of the society wide issues that this story highlights. The thing is, if you want to discuss whether this story exposes dystopian aspects of society, you have to talk about those issues. You can’t just talk about “mother bad; daughter good”, because that isn’t the issue being discussed.

      I haven’t said this woman was good or bad, that was you. You assumed her incarceration wasn’t “wrongful”, by which I assume you mean it was lawful. The further assumption underneath that is that if it were lawful, it must be justified. You further assumed that because the state has branded her a criminal, that she deserved to be forced to give birth in prison and then give up her baby, or at least that it’s not worth considering, even though you know next to nothing about her, and even though it shouldn’t matter, because nobody should be forced to give birth in prison and to give up their baby.

      And when I tried to point out these assumptions that you were making, you admit that you then assumed I was saying the mother was somehow innocent.

      If you assume that the carceral system is right to judge and treat people the way it does, then of course your conclusions won’t challenge it.

      The fact you are so willing to excuse crimes against humanity just because the most heinous carceral system in history told you the person they were being done to deserved it does not say good things about you, and I suspect that’s why you’re trying to change the subject.