Twitter, now X, was once a useful site for breaking news. The Baltimore bridge collapse shows those days are long gone.

  • DarthYoshiBoy
    152 months ago

    It depends. In the early days of the Android ROM scene, Twitter was the best place for news. Cyanogen and all the crews basically announced their new releases exclusively on Twitter. There has been a similar vibe for other scenes over the years as well. Discord is largely taking over that space these days, but I miss the simplicity of following one or two people whose updates I cared about a bunch over the new reality where I’m in 30 Discords and they’re all chock full of notifications for endless nonsense I care nothing about.

    • @alekwithak
      82 months ago

      I mainly used XDA then, but you right. I had truly forgotten how nice it was around '10 - '11.