• @Telodzrum
    122 months ago

    This is a great example of how reading a WIkipedia article imparts a lot of information and absolutely zero knowledge. This, this, and this are all extremely good examples of brutalist design. The McDonald’s in the OP in no way is reminiscent of such aesthetic concerns. Both are spartan, certainly; but then, so is a lot of post-modernist design (to say nothing of the various minimalist movements throughout time). I’m not here to debate whether or not prisons are brutalist in design, that’s far too sweeping a category to sum up in one school of design and additionally it’s not the point of the conversation here.

    • 𝔼𝕩𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕒
      2 months ago

      No, I see your point - brutalism is making an interesting structure and shaping internal spaces using building materials as a limitation.

      Where prisons are function-over-form and may appear to meet the style - it is merely coincidental and is not usually artistic expressionism but rather necessity to perform a task.

      McShungles is just ultramodern design that comes from a Corp cheaping out