Looks like it actually was possible to bond the whole amount.

Don Hankey, the billionaire chairman of Knight Insurance Group, told NBC News he was negotiating to post a far heftier bond of $557 million with the Trump Organization when the state Appellate Division lowered the size of the required bond to $175 million.

  • @mercano
    252 months ago

    The court already has a financial monitor in place at the Trump Organization, retired federal judge Barbra Jones. As part of the verdict, she’s staying for the next three years. She has complete access to the books, and will wave a red flag if she sees anything suspicious.

    • @RedditWanderer
      162 months ago

      Excuse me, but I have my “appeal” flag and my “don’t have to pay as much as everyone else” flag.

      • @EvilBit
        32 months ago

        If it’s red, she can wave that, sure.