• @givesomefucks
    -33 months ago

    It’s harder to reschedule than deschedule…

    Which is why it makes no sense Biden is “trying” to reschedule.

    My point is either Biden’s right and he can’t control the DEA so shouldn’t get credit for this.

    Or he should get credit for this, and the DEA not descheduling (or even rescheduling) is because Biden isn’t actually trying.

    I ain’t a big enough hypocrite to change reality so it makes Biden look best in every situation

    • @disguy_ovahea
      53 months ago

      Descheduling would still require approvals from both organizations, unless done by executive order. Executive orders are temporary solutions to allow proper legislative action. If he descheduled with executive order, and the HHS and DEA didn’t not agree, the schedule would return at the end of the order. That would be highly disruptive to the industry.