• Letitia James won a $454 million judgment against Trump, his penalty for a decade of fraud.
  • She and Trump are now fighting over her claims that he withheld evidence from her fraud probe.
  • NY law lets James seek additional fines if evidence that she subpoenaed was lost or destroyed.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is not content to rest on her $454 million civil fraud trial victory, even as Trump’s debt to the state keeps snowballing, growing by a punishing $5 million in interest since February.

No, James still has some unfinished Trump business on her calendar.

She is asking hard questions about the $175 million bond that would safeguard at least some of what Trump owes New York while he appeals losing the trial. A hearing on the bond’s financial soundness is set for Monday, April 22.

And James is also intent on holding Trump’s feet to the fire, along with the feet of his lawyers, over something her office has complained about for four years: the withholding of evidence.

  • @dhork
    332 months ago

    454m was the verdict handed down by the judge. Trump still has the right to appeal, but he either needs to pay the verdict up front right away, or put up a bond to cover it while the appeals process goes forward.

    The appeals court lowered the amount of the bond he would need to put up. The current issue is that the document that the bond company sent to the Court is not up to the proper standard, so the court gave Trump more time to remedy that. If he can’t, it’s possible the bond will get rejected.

    • @foggy
      152 months ago

      We do we reward incompetence.

      Like if the bond isnt up to snuff, why can’t Letitia’s lawyers write it for them? Oh you fucked it up, here, we don’t reward incompetence, well let your persecution do it. Fuck you and your stupid games.

      • Optional
        82 months ago

        To be fair, it absolutely works the other way around. In countless towns and cities the upwardly clambering assistant DAs are screwing over people who have no money, piling on twenty, thirty charges for the same act to score points they plan to cash in for a bigger job.

        Every day. Right now, in fact. Prison reform is critical, but the Justice system itself could use some patching up from countless decades of conservative fuckery.

    • @HollandJim
      2 months ago

      Don’t forget, he’s also on the hook for $110K per day in interest, starting from the judgement day, and I don’t think she’ll let him dodge a nickle of it.

      You go, girl!