• Home Assistant is now part of the Open Home Foundation, a non-profit aiming to fight against surveillance capitalism and offer privacy, choice, and sustainability.
  • The foundation will own and govern all Home Assistant entities, including the cloud, and has plans for new hardware and AI integration.
  • Home Assistant aims to become a mainstream smart home option with a focus on privacy and user control, while also expanding partnerships and certifications.
  • @AnUnusualRelic
    1 month ago

    The problem is that commercial entities have the leverage to get hardware makers to design stuff for their environnement. It’s the same issue Linux has vs. Windows. Mostly, it works great when you use things that conform to standards. But sometimes you’ll hit an edge case. All in all, it’s a small price to pay.

    • @[email protected]
      31 month ago

      Sure, but if I had a Pi (or similar board) with a speaker and a mic, I’d hope to be able to do the same thing. A Pi Zero would definitely be able to do the job.

    • @ashok36
      21 month ago

      Hopefully, home assistant will get big enough that they will be impossible to ignore. With an estimated 1 million installs currently running worldwide, they’re probably not there yet. At 5m though? Probably. 10m? Definitely.

      They’ve mostly got the hardware right now and are developing more. A more mobile friendly and noob friendly unboarding process is really all they need.