• The House passed a more than $60 billion bill that provides more military aid to Ukraine.
  • It’s part of a larger foreign aid package that’s likely to pass the Senate and be signed into law.
  • 112 Republicans voted it against — the most ever, and a majority of the GOP conference.

Saturday’s vote marked the first time the House had approved billions of dollars in Ukraine aid since December 2022, when Democrats still controlled the chamber.

In the two years since Russia’s invasion, opposition to aiding Ukraine has grown from a fringe position to a majority view among House GOP lawmakers. Many argue the money should be spent domestically or that policy changes at the US-Mexico border should take precedence.

Here are the 112 House Republicans who voted against the bill.

  • John Richard
    -312 months ago

    So what you’re saying is that there is no winning the war against Russia… Just sending more money to Ukraine indefinitely?

    • @AngryCommieKender
      52 months ago

      No, I’m saying we have entered a new Cold War against both China and Russia that is likely to last for the next several decades. We can’t win a war. There are no winners in war. All we can do is provide enough resistance now to prevent the cold war we are in from boiling into active shooting in other theaters.

      • John Richard
        02 months ago

        The reason it hasn’t boiled into active war between countries is because we aren’t sending American troops to Ukraine to fight the war.