Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) stunned CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the UnionSunday with a scorched earth rant on far-Right House members.

“So, you voted yes on the foreign aid package,” Bash addressed Gonzales. “Do you have confidence that at this point, given that it is still possible that Marjorie Taylor Greene will push to vacate, to kick (Mike Johnson) out of the Speaker’s chair, that he can survive?”

“He will survive,” Gonzales said. “Look, the House is a rough and rowdy place, but Mike Johnson is gonna be just fine.”

  • FuglyDuck
    1081 month ago

    Goes scorched earth, yet reveals absolutely nothing we didn’t already know.

    • @meco03211
      361 month ago

      About the only new information this is likely to reveal is if he humped his cousin on video or maybe had a picture of himself in lingerie. Then he’ll get primaried.

      • @sudo42
        261 month ago

        “Only if he gets caught with a live boy or a dead girl.”

    • @[email protected]
      730 days ago

      Someone publicly talking about it on live television from his own party that survives ONLY on sticking together on the party line… I’d say we learned a lot tbh. 🙏🙌