US climate envoy John Kerry will leave the administration later this winter and plans to help President Joe Biden’s election campaign, Kerry’s office said on Saturday.

Kerry, a US former secretary of state, informed his staff earlier on Saturday after speaking with Biden earlier this week, a spokesman for Kerry said.

  • rivermonster
    206 months ago

    Holy shit, I forgot he was even in the administration.

  • Flying Squid
    106 months ago

    “I will continue as long as God gives me the breath and work on it one way or the other,” Kerry said of climate advocacy.

    But not by keeping the top climate envoy post in the U.S.?

    • Aa!
      226 months ago

      He’s quitting to work on the Biden campaign, so he evidently sees it more important to keep Trump out of the Presidency.

      At least that explanation makes sense to me

    • andrew
      6 months ago

      I mean I don’t know much about what he was able to do in that role, but I imagine there are others who can step into his position and do a killer job. What he may care more about at the moment is ensuring that someone sane can continue making decisions about who goes into positions like the one he’s leaving.

      • @zigmus64
        86 months ago

        Not much point in hanging onto an assignment that will evaporate with the next administration… especially if you think your talents and skills are better utilized elsewhere.

  • @givesomefucks
    -76 months ago

    On one hand, it’s fine because he wasn’t doing anything anyways…

    Which highlights how it always should have been somone capable in that role, and not just a reward posting.

    We need to move away from crony capitalism like this were unqualified people are put in vital positions.