• @SpaceNoodle
    123 months ago

    Here is the church

    Here is the steeple

    Here’s where the priest

    Molests all the people

  • @Got_Bent
    53 months ago

    I went to not Catholic but loves us some Jesus boarding school for high school. There was a good deal of grooming going on there. Millions of dollars paid out in lawsuits and one teacher involved shot himself dead before having to face consequences once everything came out into the open.

    As things go, the students involved had to wait until adulthood because while in school, even the parents either dismissed or actively engaged in cover up.

    (I’m not sure why I felt it necessary to specify not Catholic. I think I felt most people would gravitate toward that assumption)

  • @HeyThisIsntTheYMCA
    23 months ago

    Dammit was i enjoying my life where my first thought is about dogs