She mentally abused you, cheated on you any chance she could get, ran up your credit cards and turned everyone against you.

Then 5 years later you see a tiktak of her with “link in bio”


  • Rikudou_Sage
    151 month ago

    Yeah, nah. I mean, Reddit is shitty but I wasn’t abused or stolen from by Reddit. And I think most people weren’t.

    You don’t need to hate Reddit, it’s just what it is - a platform that gets shittier and shittier every day. That just means I don’t like using it anymore, I don’t have to hate it suddenly to feel better. I don’t have to make up scenarios where Reddit is an abusive girlfriend.

    In short, Reddit was good, now it’s not, move on.

    • @Contramuffin
      1 month ago

      There are a group of people - seemingly a large group of people - who believe in some twisted sort of retroactive reinterpretation of their past experiences.

      If something ended badly, then clearly everything has always been bad. If something ended well, then everything has always been well. I see it most often with relationships (a breakup means your ex was evil the entire time). But based on this example, clearly it is not limited to just relationships.

      It feels oddly reminiscent of bipolar disorder every time I encounter examples of it.

  • @RightHandOfIkaros
    41 month ago

    If you ever had an ex like that, you would literally never forget that happened, and never forget they existed.