• Neato
    12 days ago

    Caveman absolutely proud of you. Hunter-gatherer lifestyle was closer to how most animals live: most of their lives are spent resting. Periods of hunting take up a lot of energy and most animals spend most of the waking hours conserving energy. Humans weren’t that much of an exception.

    A descendant who rests the majority of their lives is living the dream. Especially when pretty much all prehistory threats are eliminated: predators, neighboring tribes killing you (for most of us anyways…), starvation, prevalent disease, infant mortality, extreme seasons, etc.

    Contrast that to the founding father’s age in America: those rich assholes hated and feared the working class. They had incredible animosity directed at any non-owner class people. They even created a nation and had the gall to say “every man is created equal” and then most states denied voting rights to non-landowners, non-men, non-white people, and often based on age and religion. It could be as low when the Constitution was ratified as 20-25%. So it’s safe to say the white-haired ancestor would find the average person’s lack of hard work and life of some leisure a good thing, in general those asshats were closer to modern billionaires.

    • @[email protected]
      711 days ago

      I think about that stuff a lot. Especially when i see videos like: “i build a log cabin with only old timely tools”. The comments often say that his ancestors would be really proud or something along these lines. I often think that they probably were, but also, they would glance over to the chainsaw and wonder why you spend two days to fell a tree, instead of 10 minutes.

    • @shneancy
      511 days ago

      Well we’re bringing extreme seasons back babyyy, writing this as I look at my thermometer say it’s 40C outside again and I’m in the middle of Europe. In the past I’d call it a heatwave but now it’s the summer norm, with occasional cold waves

  • @Etterra
    812 days ago

    If my options for pleasing my ancestors are either a primitive hunter-gatherer, or some froofy jackass in a powdered wig, well I think I know who I’m picking.