• @NIB
    11 days ago

    We dont want to use AC on the rooms the athletes will be staying during summer, because we care about the environment. But here are some flying taxis, because that is surely good for the environment.

    • So, to cool a 10m2 room by 20°C is 1.5KW(5.4E9J)/h. On average, a Volocopter uses around 10kWh to fly someone 2km. The greater Paris metro area is 50km at its widest, 10km at its narrowest. Assuming Volocopter is operating only within the greater Paris metro area, this means bringing Metron (and a guest, presumably) on this trip would use about 150kWh, or enough to cool one (small) room for 100 days, or 100 rooms for 1 day - assuming hot (ca 32C) days, cooling down to around room temperature.

      My point is that, while a pet racoon may sound like a lot of fun, they’re pretty destructive; it’s better to talk your best friend into getting one and then just enjoy the raccoon interactions without having to constantly repair the drywall in your house.

      Just sayin’.

      • @Cobrachicken
        611 days ago

        Misread Volocopter as Velociraptor, thougt “what a cool concept, stop nagging” first. Sry for that. On my way out…