Since the Gaza escalation, there has been a sudden rise in mod power abuse on every community on Lemmy. It seems to me that nobody really enforces the rules they put up if 1.: The poster is a mod and if 2.: The political message is agreed by the mod.

“2.” Also is also in a way true, that even civil discussions in which people are making fair points lead to bans, because mods are enraged because they don’t want to “loose” a discussion and neither do they want to see a “wrong” oppinion in “their” community.

I wanted to post the following after a certain mod (I can’t be sure but I think it’s the poster) removed two comments I made on a post (, that are fine with the rules:

" Some mod asshole keeps removing my comments for having a different oppinion than them.

To you: Fuck you.

I am going to repost this comment, if removed again (trust me I will know) until you either ban me (and oh really try to explain that to the other mods, and especially to the community) or you stay civil and let me express my opinion which is based on facts and not the emotion that you’re showing by not even discussing by banning away.

(For any third party reading this, I just mentioned the fact that the west keeps training and starting up terrorist organisations that end up being kinda bad, and I just commented on some guy to say that I agree with them (which (unsurprisingly) disagreed with the guy that started this thread, who strangely is a mod. Hmmmm I really don’t know who is doing this…)) "

Sadly I was already banned before I could post this.

Completely unjustified in my eyes.

For the sake of not being polarized by all the different extreme opinions, please be civil and don’t remove this post nor be aggressive in the comments (I also don’t know where to post this really, but I wanted to)

(If it lites you up, I will post femboy porn on Halloween)